Small Business Week – appreciating great work

This week marks Small Business Week. Since the 1960’s the SBA has spent a week, every year, highlighting some of the best small businesses in the country. This week there are a few events being hosted around the country – from San Fransisco to Washington, DC.

There was a great speech given by a successful CEO earlier Monday in California that emphasized great leadership and work ethic from his employees.

When a small business is created the initial stage is solely in the hands of the Founder and CEO. It is their job to find the passion and excitement to get the business started – along with that comes finding the funds, the resources and finally the right team to make it happen. Once the revenue becomes steady and the business has repeat customers, the CEO steps down from daily tasks and allows the “engine” to run itself.

I’m typically someone that likes the boast and have a large enough ego that I do it often. However, when it comes to this business I try to be as humble as possible. I believe we reached a point where we can let the engine take over. One key indicator is the fact that we have established repeat business with multiple customers.

In order for the engine to run efficiently two things have to happen:

1. The CEO needs to step away from daily tasks and trust the employees to get it done

2. The company has to have great employees to make it work

We are lucky to have a great staff.

Since early 2014 we have seen great performances from our staff at Finish Line. Seriously amazing performances.

Joe has been taking control of leadership in the shop, Andy is pushing out A+ finishes and Tim is improving everyday in his body work. Dan and I are finding a groove with how we operate our daily tasks – and majority of that is stepping to the side and letting the team accomplish what they are great at.

I’m excited to see what the future can bring this company.