Sept 19 – Parents Week – boats explained.

There are a number of things that go into rowing shells.  They are complex, and expensive.  If you read the post on rowing terms, you have probably heard some of the terms we will tell you about next.  So to breakdown boats for you, we are dividing them up into the following categories:

  • Types of Boats
  • Parts of the Boats
  • Manufacturers

Types of boats:


Parts of the boats:

After multiple attempts at writing out descriptions of the parts of boats, we realized that pictures make it far easier.  Thus, we have included pictures.


Added bonus: we also included a picture of oars.
**Pro tip: Rowers use ‘Oars’ not paddles.


The last part of this post shares with you links to the manufacturers.  There are a number of manufacturers that make boats and each one is known for something a little different.  Its not our job to recommend or rank manufacturers, so we have included them here in alphabetical order.

According to, here is a list of boat manufacturers:

Boat Manufacturers

Alden Ocean Shells


Durham Boat Company

Echo Rowing

Edon Recreational Shells

Elite Rowing, Inc.




Hudson Boat Works

Kaschper Racing Shells

Little River Marine

Little Sculling Boat Company

Maas Rowing Shells

Nautical Architecture

Peinert Boat Works

Pocock Racing Shells

Resolute Racing Shells

Ron Rantilla Rowing Systems

Swift Racing

Sykes Racing

Van Dusen Racing Shells

Vespoli USA

WinTech Racing




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