Oct 4 – You coach. We maintain.

So we are clear. We look at fleet maintenance differently than refurbishments.  Fleet maintenance is the maintaining of the parts that make your boats go, Shoes, Tracks, and Wheels.  [Boat refurbishment can include this, but also addresses the exterior of the hull.]


We’ve all done it. Alex. Dan. CJ. We have all done our coaching, but thats not what we live and breathe anymore.

We live and breathe repairs, refurbishments, used boats and painting oars.


We know that very few of you are full-time coaches.  We have a huge amount of respect that you go to work and then go to practice.  So let us do the dirty work.

There are two ways to approach fleet maintenance.  There is the ‘All-At-Once’ approach or the ‘As-We-Go’ approach.  Either way, they should be important pieces to your programs equipment strategy.  Here is how we look at both of them-

All-At-Once Strategy – Just like it sounds, address the entire fleet’s needs every 4-5 years.
As-We-Go Strategy – Budget to address 1-3 boats every year.



Both strategies are great plans as long as you continue to maintain them.  This is what we include:

  • Remove old wheels, tracks, and shoes.
  • Clean seat pan [repaint seat pan optional and extra]
  • Install new shoes, tracks, and wheels

It sounds minor, and really can be as long as you plan appropriately for it.

Interested in an estimate for a boat, or your fleet?  Let us know. We would be excited to help.