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Bringing old Vespoli 4+’s back to life!

Sometimes when we get a boat, our guys try to run and hide.  This is a perfect example.  These are two full external refurbs.  Milwaukee Rowing Club sent us two 4+s that were in – well – lets just say, they were well used.

Many hours of work later, we repaired, patched, touched up all the dings, nicks, scratches, as well as re-built finboxes, and a few other miscellaneous repairs.

Probably the most rewarding part of the project is the paint job.  Many programs row boats that are “close” to their club colors, but not really.  You can see in the “during” pictures, that the hulls were a royal blue.  Milwaukee’s club colors are actually a darker blue.  Being able to deliver boats back to them that are their actual club colors is a lot of fun!