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A Massive Transformation

We get some pretty ugly boats.  Really ugly boats.

Take for example, Marquette University.  Two of the 4+’s they own, hit something last year, and it caused some damage.  We got the boats with a collection of dings, dents, and two very, very broken finboxes.






No worries. Finbox’s, no problem. Dings and dents, no big deal. [whatever they hit did a number!]

After the repairs were complete, we began discussing the idea of refurbishing with the coaches.  Just up the street at the Milwaukee Rowing Club, they had heard about and seen the two 4+’s that were refurbished.  After much back and forth, it was agreed.  These boats were going to stay a part of the Marquette’s fleet for a long time to come.  They have been around for years, and have been nothing short of steadfast and reliable.  These two boats are the workhorses of their fleet.  It was time to give the boats a facelift.

That is when the project really began.  Check this out.


And then the fun really began.  

We decided on helping them out with a custom, one of a kind, paint job.

Do you have an ugly boat that you want to look amazing?
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