Year in Review – What a Year!

I’ve read somewhere that the hardest year an Entrepreneur has is their 3rd year. Maybe “they” are right.

This Christmas, I had a chance to reflect on the failures and successes of this year. I also thought about the wild moments and the hard ones. I would have to say that this year was the “learning” year for me. It was also the “wear the big boy pants.”

Below is a list of events or things that have happened to Finish Line:

  1. Secured an agreement with Hudson Boatworks to be their Official Repair Facility in the USA.
  2. Original founder Dan Reardon sells his shares to Dan Schenk.
  3. Joe Ledvina, long time shop manager, moves on to a new job in Atlanta.
  4. Hire a new full time painter, Mike.
  5. Invest in the Scherwin Williams paint matching system – big investment.
  6. Purchase new ventilation system for the roof.
  7. Hire CJ Bown.
  8. Sued by Vespoli – largest US manufacturer of racing shells.
  9. Sold more than 10 used racing shells.
  10. Traveled more than 40,000 miles.
  11. Had more than 15 tires slashed/ruined on our trailer and truck.
  12. Had more than 3 employees leave.
  13. Surpassed Year 2 revenue before July 2015.
  14. Created the new company Rep Racing Shells.

It was a wild ride. We now created a system and a team that I feel confident about. We are growing and continue to adapt to the changing environment. If 2015 was my learning year – I hope 2016 is my GROWTH year.