Watching The Staff Develop

I love watching people grow – both mentally and physically. As a father to a 1 year old, I am seeing constant mental growth everyday. It’s beautiful to be a part of it – in fact, its a privilege. My daughter gains more confidence each day she is on this earth. In order for her to have that confidence, she needs to see it and feel it from her parents. Once she sees us giving her more freedom, she begins to take it. And when you provide a child the right atmosphere – free of criticism, free of restraints – they blossom.

Same goes for employees of a company. As the parent (I sometimes joke with Dan that I am the father and he is the mother), I set the rules and boundaries at the work place. We set rules and more often than not they change. Sometimes in the same day we set them. As a parent I know this is true in the real world. We set rules and boundaries and later we realize they were not the right ones to set.

Recently, we’ve made staff changes – promoted someone, hired someone, moved someone into a different role. We also changed the rules of communication and adjusted our boundaries. This proved to be an exciting change. A profitable change as well.

Joe Ledvina (operations manager) has grown very well into his role. We decided to give him more freedom and provided him a willing staff to manage. From the time we offered him the role to now, we have seen dramatic changes in not only HIS performance but the ones around him as well.

If we compare him to the first year growth of a child – he is up and walking unassisted right now. The cool thing about a child’s development are the steep learning curves. The moment they learn how to stand….they learn how to walk, then a day or two later can walk without help. Before you know it, they are running around the house. This is the same thing with Joe. Before we knew it, Joe has been adding clients, selling used boats and adding incredible business development ideas to the table.

Such an awesome time to be a part of Finish Line!