02/13/18 – Trailering Tips – What to keep in your truck

Trailer is ready.  Hitch up and go, right?

Most coaches, parents or others driving the trailer have been through some situation while pulling a trailer, so lets play a quick game.

Have you changed a flat tire in the rain or snow?
Needed to tighten a strap on the trailer on the side of a highway?
Had your truck overheat on the highway?

All things that we have dealt with at Finish Line.  Thus, we wanted to share with you our “In the Truck” trailering recommendations.  [Next weeks tips are what to keep in the trailer].  These are all things above and beyond the standard gear that you are traveling with [ie slings, parts bins, cox boxes, etc].


If you pull a trailer, at some point in time you will end up having to change a flat tire on either the truck or the trailer or you will have to pull over and tighten a boat strap that has wiggled loose.  All the guys at Finish Line have had to do this, and all the guys have had to do this in either the rain or snow or both.  This is why our first recommendation is a duffle bag.

Small Duffle Bag:
– Dry shirt – Nothing is worse than having to get back in the truck and complete a drive with a soaked shirt.
– [maybe a spare pair of pants] – see above!
– Dry socks – again, see above.
– Clean towel – handy to use if you were in the rain or need to wipe down your hands
– Old moving blanket – this is a great thing to have around because it can come in handy a few places.
– Bottled water – very important to have if your engine is overheating.  We speak from experience.

Secondly, we would recommend a bag or toolbox with some essentials.  You will see in the above picture that we are using an old toolbox from a garage sale.

Old tool box essentials:
– Jumper Cables – they always come in handy.
– Air pump – perfect for filling a tire quickly to get truck or trailer off highway to safe location.
– 2 extra straps – these are helpful as backups.  Yes, you will likely have some in the trailer, but these are new and easy to get to.
– Work gloves – nice to have if you have to change a tire or mess around with a greasy trailer hitch.
– padlock – this has been used a number of places, anywhere from locking a bike to the trailer, locking the hitch to the truck, or locking the trailer safety chains to the truck.
– Flashlight/Headlamp – have you ever had to change a tire at night?


A final few good to haves:
– Cell phone charger – this may be obvious, or maybe you don’t think you need it because you aren’t traveling too far.  Trust us- if you get caught on the side of the road for some reason, a charged cell phone will be a god-send.
– Boots – Pulling a trailer into a field in the spring can be muddy.
– Windshield washer fluid – if you drive in the midwest or northeast in the spring, road grime can make a mess of your windshield.  Don’t get caught without fluid!
– We STRONGLY recommend that if you are pulling a trailer that you invest in a set of Road Triangles.  There are hundreds for sale on Amazon.  They are definitely worth the $25.
– Flagging tape – every time you stop for food/gas/the bathroom, you should be checking to make sure that there is plenty of flag hanging off the boats on your trailer.