The Power of Learning a Lesson

It was a year ago this month I cut my finger while working on a boat at the shop. I left my day job and drove up to the shop in the late afternoon – by the time I drove through 1.5 hours of traffic and had 8 hours at my desk job, I was spent. But we had a boat to complete for a very important customer. I needed to repair three foot stretchers, replace some parts in a boat and make my way through the hull with a sponge/soap/water.

After an hour in the shop I had slipped up and cut straight through my pinky (see attached photo). To this day, I do not have feeling in the top third of the finger and its a constant reminder of what NOT to do. I drove myself to the hospital, contacted Emily, Dan, my father and let them know what had happened.

I had made the mistake of trying to get something done too quickly. I had made the mistake of over promising and rushed the job to get it done. It’s a known fact that I rush to complete jobs. I have very little patience.

I had failed at that moment but learned a valuable lesson. It was one of the most important moments in Finish Line history. At that point I decided that certain tasks were meant for certain individuals. I could no longer over promise our customers. I needed to put trust in myself and the members of Finish Line to get the job done without adding stress to an already stressful environment.

That incident pushed me to create better system with Finish Line. It helped me realize the importance of patience and honoring commitments.