Taking Risks – the growth of Finish Line

To me, there is nothing better than watching this company grow and expand. Growth and expansion doesn’t just mean dollars and cents. It could be improvement in company culture or improvement on processes (internal). Each day a new conversation is started with someone who has interest in Finish Line. Each day we find new ways to improve and new ways to reach our audience. This makes it really difficult to stay focused – that is why I rely heavily on the people that I surround myself with. The guys in the shop continue to repair boats, find a new way to make a repair and complete the tasks without issues.

Putting trust in the guys in the shop has allowed me to make those calls and have those meetings. It’s an absolute blast to watch it develop.

Putting trust in the process gives you a chance to rake a risk – big or small – that could impact the company on a grand scale. One of my fondest memories this spring was when I met with Logan and “papa del” at the shop. We had a warehouse full of boats, an inbox full of unread messages asking about repairs and a leaky roof. The two of them looked me in the eye and said “we got this.” What a cool moment, right? Not more than 3 days later, the shop had pushed out 5 repairs, all messages were read and replied to (happy customers!) and the roof was repaired.

Once that weight was off my shoulders, I focused on our next big task – finding someone to tackle the paint process. We did. And it’s paying off.

Once that was handled and I knew we had the right person in place, I was able to make a few phone calls and schedule meetings with people that could help propel the company to a new level.

For example – beginning this summer we are running an internship program. In the fall we will be working with inner city children from Baltimore on an after school program that helps teach work ethic and general business management.

I’ve learned that trusting the team (but picking the right ones to lead) allows the entrepreneur to do what he/she does best – generate ideas and execute.