Shop Talk

Another big week in the books for Finish Line Shell Repair.

We had Papa Del come down and spend the weekend with us installing our new ventilation system. Air quality and shop morale have improved dramatically. With the summer months beginning to bring some serious heat, it was essential for us to focus our attention on air quality. With the help of Grace, Joe, Dan and myself we had the system installed by 3pm Saturday afternoon.

On the same day we did a pick up of 4 more shells – ranging from simple spot paint finishes to detailed work on the interior.

We were convinced that June would be a slow month but the shop is as full as ever with delivery dates right around the corner. One thing we are continuing to learn is work flow strategies and how to get boats to and from the shop in a timely matter. I have to give credit to the larger shops like Vespoli, Resolute, Filippi and Hudson because I can only imagine how difficult it is to not only schedule new builds but dozens of repairs as well.

This weekend is the Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia so the shop will be closed July 4th – July 7th.