Make the old new again and extend the life of your equipment.

Most rowing shells get worked hard. Between practices, transportation, and races, there are bound to be times that boats get dinged and nicked up. Paint fades, and parts wear out. Unfortunately, a new boat is not cheap. Shell Refurbishment is an excellent option to extend the life of your current equipment.

Once your boat gets to our shop, your rowing shell will undergo a thorough evaluation and inspection to identify every issue. Then, we provide you a full list of options to bring your boat back to life in a way that best matches your budget.

Want to make it look new?
We offer packages that includes new hardware, new shoes,
and complete new paint jobs!

Want to take it a step further?
We can refinish the interior decks in addition to the exterior of your hull.

Why pay for a new boat when you can refurbish your existing fleet
for a fraction of the price?

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Featured Project

Hudson 2x

This 2001 Hudson pair/double is one of our favorite refurbs. A couple in Texas asked for a refurbished pair. We bought the boat from University of Texas. What was once an ugly faded burnt orange double – is now a…

Featured Project

Filippi 1x

Our favorite kind of repair comes in the form of referrals. The folks at Filippi suggested our shop to the owner of this 2014 Filippi 1x. The owner ran up on rocks and did some serious damage to the hull.…