Reaching the Two Year Mark

We did it. We made it. We reached the two year mark.

Nothing to boast about…but its an exciting time for us!

I’ve found myself comparing Finish Line to the development of my daughter. They are almost mirror images of each other. She is walking (running half the time), she has her moments of being sick, having trouble sleeping at night, learning to communicate, trying new things and falling down, trying new things and succeeding. Much like my daughter, the company has its fair share of successes and failures. It’s learned to walk on its own without the support (financial) of someone else. It has had days of failures and days of sleepless nights. It’s learned its “voice” in the rowing world.

And now, at 2 years old, we are positioned for expansion.

I think one of the coolest things of this past year was taking a step back and watching it grow and change with the support of the staff. Watching Joe, Andy, Sandy, Tim, Matt all do their thing was great. They took ownership in their roles and became obsessed with their task.

When Finish Line was first born, like my daughter, I tried to be involved with everything. In some cases I had to be involved with everything. But as the company got older and found its footing, I was pushed away (not in a negative way) from the daily tasks, the smaller routines and the tasks that the staff should and CAN perform on their own. My daughter, the same way…when she learned how to walk she pushed me away. When she learned how to use a spoon, she refused to have me feed her. When she learned that she could walk up the stairs without my support she pushed me away. But the common theme, with both Finish Line and my daughter, is that they each always needed me behind them. They both took quick looks behind them as they tried to achieve something new.

New year. New goals.

We have the 3rd year starting. Big changes to the company are on the horizon. First and foremost, we have a new hire and COO – Dan Schenk starting February 1st.

Looking forward to seeing what the 2015 year brings this company.