Partnering with Scherwin Williams

We realized early this year that we needed to address some key issues within the company – one of them being the cost of materials and the tracking of the use.

Every week we would drive to our distributor and purchase quarts, gallons and sometimes pints of paint to complete the task. It was an hour and a half drive DOWN and an hour and a half drive BACK – each time!! Could you imagine that? Sometimes Joe would drive 3x a week. We also had issues trying to track all our costs into each job. A piece of sand paper here…a pint of paint there….it adds up!!

So, Dan Schenk heads to Scherwin Williams distributor and asks the question – “Hey, what kind of paint machine do you have back there?”

That simple question led us to today.

At 11am we are installing our very own mixing machine and paint matching software! No longer will we need to drive 3 hours and pay 20% more than we have to. The other benefit is waste management. If we need 6 ounces of paint, we will mix 6 ounces. Instead of having to spend $200 on a quart of paint and let it sit in the shop for months untouched.

In addition to the mixing machine we are moving all of our materials over to Scherwin Williams – tape, paper, sandpaper, fillers, you name it. They provide a fantastic tracking system and at the end of each month we will know what went into each project.

The benefit from the boat owner is that we pass the savings onto them. How cool is that??