How America Was Built

In the 1960’s, the USA was up against a juggernaut called RUSSIA. To win a battle (not the war), they wanted to be the first country on the surface of the moon. None of this is new to you.

So, in an announcement to the world, the US declared they would reach the surface of the moon before the decade ran out. Before and during the announcement, they had NO IDEA how to accomplish that goal. Pretty baller, right? I mean. Think about that. They announced to the world they were going to accomplish a goal that was never done before – do something no man ever thought was possible and put a timeline on it.

Not to compare the Lunar landing to Finish Line – but that is exactly what we did.

In 2012, we spoke to 5 teams and promised 13 boats would be completed before March 1st. We did not have the resources, the building or the man power – let alone the knowledge – to complete such a task.

Fast forward to 2016.

We are doing the same thing. Setting goals without knowing how we will accomplish them. In fact – we are setting dates as well. Our new date: May 3rd, 2016.

More to come.