Closing Out The Season – coaches advice

It’s that time of the year again. Racing just ended (probably for some of you it ended yesterday at 4pm), the winter is slowly approaching and rowing on the ergs for 4 months straight is a consistent nightmare you are having.

For coaches its the worst time of the year. Taking inventory, looking through all the dings and scratches your rowers put on the boats, talking with parents or booster clubs about your needs and wants for the next year and taking a deep breath knowing you have to do this all over again in 4 months. Below are some tips on how to make this transition a lot easier.

Finish Line Shell Repair is dedicated to helping the coaches in the Mid Atlantic get through this tough transition. We’ve all been there before. Some of us a dozen times over. We are a company started by rowers and coaches.

1. Take a day to put all your boats in slings at the boathouse. Make it a sunny day!

2. Use your coxswains! Request they each bring a pad and paper and write down all the details. Assign each of them with 1 to 3 boats to be accountable for.

3. List out the items you NEED for each boat to make them whole again.

4. List out all minor dings, scratches, and holes (inside and outside of shell). Take a picture with your smart phone for each.

5. Start your launch engines and follow the US Coast Guard rules and regulations. Write down everything you need to make the launch acceptable for operation in 2015.

6. Assign rowers to clean the boats inside and out using simple cleaning products.

7. Wrap up all riggers and seats and put labels on each – indicating which boat they belong to. Make sure those are left in the shed or location assigned to your program.

8. Contact Finish Line Shell Repair – who will assist in finding parts, repairing shells and helping you prep for the next season.

Taking the time to spend a day with your equipment will make your next season more productive!