Aug 2 – Fall rowing is here. Are you ready?

It happens every year.  

Spring rowing ends, and you have all summer to get your fleet and equipment ready for fall.  But then summer happens.  Family, friends, and probably more rowing happen, and your equipment never gets looked at.

Dont get caught this fall. Look like a pro with out quick hitting checklist!

  • Rowing Shells.
    • Have you reviewed our boat prep checklist? Find our checklist here!
    • Shoes –
      • Condition?
      • Are they properly secured to the footboard?
      • [If you store outside] Are they free of rodents and nests?
      • Are they all accounted for?
    • Seats and Wheels – Be sure to remove seat to properly clean and inspect
      • Are all wheels clean?
      • Any signs of pitting or cracking?
      • Are the wheels
      • Be sure to wipe down each wheel
    • Tracks –
      • Be sure to wipe clean each track.  Dust and grime will stick to the tracks in the off season
      • Are they pitted and need to be replaced?
      • Rigger / Backstays
        • Is the pin assembly complete?
        • Is the backstay straight or bent and needing replacement?
  • Oars.
    • Are your oars labeled with your team name?  More and more oars have been stolen the last few years.
    • Are all the collars not broken and working?
    • Do you have clams in a bucket and ready to be used?
    • Are they a uniform length?
    • Oar Check List Here!
  • Trailer.
    • Is the trailer bed cleaned out?  No one loves water bottles bouncing out while rolling down the highway.
    • Do all your lights work?
    • Is your emergency break working?
    • Does the spare-tire have air? Dont have one, get one!