02/20/18 – Rowing Trailer Tips – What to keep in your trailer

If you have been following along the last couple weeks, you have read about our insurance tips, and our “what to keep in the truck” recommendations.  This week, more simple, but good reminders to keep in your trailer.  We fully recognize that there are some drivers that have these things in their trucks, but it is our recommendation to keep them secured to the bed of your trailer.

Again, every driver has their own thing, but we thought we could share with you our checklist.  Check it out below!

Here is what you should find in our trailer at any given time:

  • Ladder [secured to trailer with lock and chain] – This is an extremely handy thing to have available to you.  God forbid you find yourself with a loose boat strap on the highway, let along have it be high on the trailer.  Even the tallest of guys will find that the ladder will come in useful!
  • Wheel Chocks – We are always amazed how many teams do not have these in their trailers.  A good pair costs a whopping $25 on Amazon – find them here – Spend the $50 to get yourself 2 pair for your trailer!!
  • 2 Full size pieces of 3/4″ plywood – I am sure there are a couple very confused faces looking at this right now.  Trust me, despite the fact that they will likely sit in your trailer un-used for long periods of time, when you need them, you will be glad you have them.  If you have ever parked a trailer in a muddy field or had to move a trailer in a snowy/icy lot, having a couple pieces of plywood to get under the tires is a life saver!
  • Jack strong enough to lift your trailer when it is loaded [or a 4”x4” block of wood with one end cut at an angle to drive trailer up onto, in order to raise the trailer quickly to change that tire – Thanks Mike Stillwell]
  • Two cinder blocks for tongue – It seems that one will always break when you need it or sometimes you need two to get the trailer level.
  • If you dont have a spare tire, GET ONE!  If you do have a spare tire, make sure it is INFLATED!

And finally – before you leave, PLEASE check all your trailer lights!