01/16/18 – Inventory Guide for your on the water equipment

How many boats are in your fleet?  Do you know the insured value?
What about your coxbox, launch and life jacket inventories and value?

Rowing isn’t your average sport. Rowing is a collection of small businesses that make up a huge, multi-million dollar sport.

Think about it.  If your program has just four 8+ at an average price of $20,000, four sets of 8+ oars, four coxboxes, two coaching launches, and two mega-phones, your program easily has $100,000 in equipment.

We frequently work with programs on equipment turnover programs and plans in an effort to maximize the money that comes into programs.  The first questions is always:

“What is your programs current inventory and current value?”

Maybe you already have a well formatted inventory sheet.  If you don’t, we want to help.
Check out our downloadable copy here:

[pdf version] FLR – On the water equipment inventory
[excel spreadsheet version] FLR – On the water equipment inventory

This is the sheet that we use when we help programs build customized boat turnover plans.  We have found this as a clean and easy way to track inventory and we hope that it might offer some help to you and your program as well.

Stay tuned, coming later this spring – How to build a boat turnover plan custom to your program.

Don’t want to wait for the boat turnover plan article?
Shoot CJ and email with your completed inventory at